With: Various (See Course Notes for Details) Course Dates: 2019

Course Description:

This course is limited to small group teaching (12 maximum) and will be run over 13 Days during 2018. The aim is to update or upgrade your existing knowledge in all aspects of Restorative Dentistry with a focus on general practice,  giving the delegates transferable skills that they can use in practice after each day. We have gathered a group of lectures that are recognised as experts in their field with national and international reputations. Each day will be highly interactive and we encourage delegates to bring along their own cases for discussion during the course. 

Day 1: Treatment Planning and Aesthetic Treatment Planning

Speakers Amin Aminian – Specialist Prosthodontist and Ian Dunn Specialist Periodontist

Amin and Ian will take the delegates through all aspects of treatment planning including a focus on aesthetic treatment planning. 

Day 2: Dental Photography

Speaker: Mike Sharland – Technical Lead Clinical Photography at the University of Birmingham

Mike is one of the UK’s foremost speakers on dental photography and during this day he will show you the fundamental of dental photography, the various piece of kit required and the techniques required to produce great clinical pictures. You will have the opportunity to use various cameras and equipment and you will leave this day with the skills to take great clinical pictures. 

Day 3: Endodontics

Speaker: Kate Blundell – Teaching Lead in Endodontics at Liverpool University and Practice Limited to Endodontics

Kate’s day will cover a wide range of contemporary endodontic topics with a focus on access. The afternoon will include a practical session on access design. 

Day 4: Periodontics

Speaker: Ian Dunn – Specialist Periodontist

Ian will take you though current thinking in periodontics and peri-implant disease. We will look at contemporary treatment strategies, adjunctive therapies and surgical treatment options. 

Day 5: Occlusion 

Speaker: Steve Barber – Specialist in Restorative Dentistry

Steve will explore the world of occlusion for the GDP including assessing a patients existing occlusion, when to take face bows, how to take accurate bite registration records, adjusting restorations to conform to the patients intercuspal position, the importance of centric relationship and occlusal interferences in clinical dentistry, and the importance of anterior guidance when restoring anterior teeth. Through a series of lectures and practical, Steve will demystify this complex topic. 

Day 6: Full Dentures

Speaker: Finlay Sutton – Specialist in Restorative Dentistry

Finlay has put together a comprehensive day that will cover :

  • Oral anatomy and gingival architecture
  • The optimal shape for complete dentures
  • Maximising retention, stability and support with complete dentures
  • Planning tooth position and lip support
  • Choosing and setting up teeth for a natural cosmetic and personal appearance
  • Denture occlusion, crossbite, overbites and overjets
  • Finding the occluding vertical dimension
  • Waxing up gums to replicate natural gingival anatomy
  • Making dentures look like natural age appropriate teeth
  • Avoiding speech problems with dentures

Day 7: Partial Dentures

Speaker: Finlay Sutton – Specialist in Restorative Dentistry

Finlay has put together a comprehensive day that will cover :

  • Making partial dentures as stable, comfortable and secure as possible
  • A good understanding of a step by step design sequence
  • Optimising the aesthetics of partial dentures
  • Making accurate impressions for cobalt chromium castings
  • Record occlusal relations accurately
  • Design partial dentures to limit periodontal damage
  • Be able to adjust partial dentures carefully, without compromising their fit
  • Make partial dentures fit and work like removable bridges

Day 8: (am) Paeds and Trauma Update  (pm) Case Presentations 

Speakers: (am) Laura Gartshore – Paediatric Specialist   (pm) Ian Dunn, Paul Swanson, Steve Barber. 

During the morning session Laura will take us through an update on developments in children’s dentistry: evidence, guidance & politics, management of non-vital, immature incisors: evidence vs practice, colour, complexity and closure: interdisciplinary management of complex cases, Consider new evidence: how do specialists in Paediatric Dentistry and Endodontics manage traumatised teeth? What could, should & would you do?

In the afternoon, delegates will be asked to bring cases of their own that they have either recently seen, treatment planned or treated for input from the IDEAL Expert Team. This is aimed at helping you with complex treatment planning, critical appraisal and to grow in confidence in presenting your work. It will not be compulsory for everyone to present a case. 

Day 9: Composites

Speaker: Amin Aminian – Specialist in Prosthodontics

Amin will spend the morning looking at all aspects of direct composite dentistry before spending the afternoon delivering an hands on session on anterior composite restorations. He will show you lots of tip tips to take your composites to the next level. 

Day 10: Preps

Speaker Steve Barber – Specialist in Restorative Dentistry

Steve will spend the morning looking at contemporary prep design for posterior direct restorations with an hands on session to optimise your preps. In the afternoon he will switch his focus to veneers and look at the indications, preps and cementation of veneers culminating in a hands on practical. 

Day 11: Implants

Speaker: Paul Swanon – Clinical Lecturer in Implantology at Liverpool University and Practice Limited to Dental Implants

In the morning Paul will talk about assessment of the dental implant patient, assessment of the single tooth space, integrating dental implants in to general practice and restoration of the single tooth implant. The afternoon will be spent understanding and trying the various techniques for restoring the single tooth implant. 

Day 12: Preprosthetic Surgery and Oral Surgery for the GDP

Speakers: Paul Swanson and Ian Dunn

Paul and Ian will look at the ways that pre-prosthetic surgery can enhance your restorative dentistry and we will have a session on crown lengthening on pigs heads. In the afternoon, they will with their focus to oral surgery and assessing the patient for the difficult extractions, techniques to deal with this and atraumatic extractions with a practical session on pigs heads. 


This is 12 day program and will cost £400 per day including VAT. The total cost is £4800 and this can be paid via direct debit on a monthly basis in advance of each day or up front before the course starts and a 5% discount will be applied. 

When signing up for the course you are committing to a 12 month program. Should you not be able to make a day, you will be offered that day, free of charge the following year. 

Course Itinerary.

All Fridays 9am -5pm

Day Date Topic Hosted by
1 18th January Treatment Planning and Aesthetics Amin Aminian
2 8th February Case/Consent – AM Photography – PM Paul Swanson -AM & Mike Sharland -PM
3 8th March Endodontics Kate Blundell
4/5 12th & 13th April Preps Steven Barber
6 10th May Periodontics Ian Dunn
7 14th June P/P Finlay Sutton
8 12th July Occlusion Steven Barber
August Summer Vacation
9/10 6th and 7th September Composites

Bridges – AM

Cases – PM

Finlay Sutton
11 4th October P/P Finlay Sutton
11 1st November Implants Paul Swanson
12 6th December Oral Surgery – AM

Crown Lengthening – PM

Paul Swanson – AM and Ian Dunn – PM


Amin Aminian              Specialist in Prosthodontics

Mike Sharland             Uni of Birmingham Medical Photography Dept.

Kate Blundell               Endo Lead at Liverpool Dental Hospital

Ian Dunn                     Specialist In Periodontics

Steve Barber               Restorative Specialist and practice limited to Pros

Finlay Sutton               Restorative Specialist and practice limited to Pros

Laura Gartshore         Specialist in Paediatrics

Paul Swanson             Practice Limited to Implantology


Venue Tel: 0151 724 3351
3 miles from the end of the M62
2 miles from Liverpool Southpark way train station
Parking: car park behind the practice or in the side roads around the practice.

Recommended local hotel (5-10 min drive to the course venue):
The Penny Lane Hotel
0151 476 1234
From £50/night B&B (mention IDEAL/Rose Lane Dental Practice)